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A classic arcade-style platformer where you have to destroy the viruses using the correct-coloured vaccines. Released as an entry to TriJam #62, March 2020. Written in 2 hours, 57 mins (+extra time for exporting. Ugh.)

The viruses (Virii? Virodes?) have taken over! Climb the rickety platforms up to the top of "Peak Health", whilst neutralising the attacking viruses with the correct vaccines. Get to level 50 to "win the game" (actually, I'm not sure what happens at level 50 since I had no time to test!)

QUICKFIX #1: Game was re-exported to fix a crash on some platforms.
QUICKFIX #2: Game was re-exported for HTML5 to add keyboard controls (+2 mins).


Movement: Analog Stick

Jump: (A) ([Space] or [Up] on keyboard also supported on Web)

Double Jump: Quickly tap Jump twice - this is a bug but it looks like sometimes you'll need it because the level generation is a bit buggy 

Shoot: (X), (Y), (B) - colour code your Xbox buttons with the enemies. Sorry if you're using a PlayStation controller or something. On the web port, you can also use [A], [W], and [D].

Optional Challenges

  • ✅ Use Godot Engine (3.2.2.rc.mono.custom_build)
  • ✅ Share the source code of your project - GitHub Repo
  • ❌ Use assets from Asset Jam
  • ✅ Make all assets for your game yourself (exception: not the awesome pixel-font - that's "FreePixel"!)
  • ❌ Make a hyper-casual game


Would 100% recommend downloading for free; it's only a quick prototype. Don't feel bad! However any donations would be very much appreciated and will win you a credit in future projects ;)

Special Thanks

Katie Coughlan, Max Chapman, Hayley Osborn, and anyone else who has supported me along the way 😄


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